Langley Leading The Charge For World Food Day 2012

LANGLEY LEADING THE CHARGE FOR WORLD FOOD DAY 2012 LANGLEY, B.C., Oct. 9th, 2012 – High school students are getting an up close and personal look at hunger both, locally and globally. 1,500 Langley students are scheduled to flood the … Continue reading

Endorsement from Mayor Fassbender

VIEW THE ENDORSEMENT LETTER August 1, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: RE:   Letter of Endorsement – World Food Day Event It is with pleasure that I pledge my full support for the Food For Famine Society’s World Food Day … Continue reading

Event Aims to Eliminate Hunger

— July 30, 2012 — For years we have seen the haunting images and heard the tragic headlines: each day, thousands of children are still starving to death in developing nations. Many people wish they could help – but the … Continue reading

Did you know what RUTF means?

RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) is a vitamin and mineral fortified peanut paste mixed with dry milk products. It has been heralded by Doctors Without Borders as a miracle cure for children suffering from Severe Acute Malnutrition.  These are children whose … Continue reading

RUTF in Burundi: Food for Famine Society donates RUTF to Burundi via World Vision

— June 2012 — Food For Famine Society purchased Plumpy Nut, a RUTF product for children suffering for severe malnutrition, to be shipped to Burundi via World Vision Canada. Plumpy Nut is supporting the scale up of FARN and CMAM … Continue reading

Kenya: A mother says, Plumpy’nut is her daughter’s life

For children like Janet, were it not for a ready to use therapeutic food known as Plumpy’nut, a peanut like paste fortified with proteins and vitamins, they probably would not be alive today. Janet has been battling acute malnutrition, but … Continue reading