Student Activity

“Schools are not just a place where one learns to read. A school provides structure, support and inspiration to help turn thoughts and ideas into action. Join us as we collectively take a conscious step toward positive social action.”

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We are excited to be launching our school focussed curriculum with the Aldergrove Community Secondary School students in 2015.  Together we are creating the first hunger and poverty awareness program to be introduced into the Langley School District Schools.

This initiative is student driven and student led and we are amazed at the passion and calibre of enthusiasm they are bringing to it!

What are the students doing to raise awareness in support of World Food Day?

Aldergrove students are hosting an event at their school on Thursday, April 9th, 2015 to share information and awareness for world hunger and poverty.  This event is in the planning stages and the students have complete creative and management control of the entire event.

What will the students be doing?

Students will:
o Perform independent research on topic of hunger & poverty
o Participate in active group work and class discussions.
o Decide what students can do to help, locally and internationally
o Learn about hunger in their community & globally
o Invite Guest Speakers, Non-Profits, Presenters
o Determine how to market and present their campaign message
o Plan & execute their entire “United Against Hunger & Poverty” event

What types of things will be happening at the event?

There will be various guest speakers, both industry leaders such as Mark Moore, CEO of MANA Nutrition as well as student designated speakers.  Various organizations that support the fight agains world hunger will be invited to have booths set up and will be on hand to present and answer questions. The details of the event are still in the planning stages and will be shared as the students deem them ready!

How do the students prepare for this event?

Th students are using class time in their Global Education and Leadership Classes to pull their ideas together.  With teacher input and direct support from Food For Famine Society, all possible resources and tools are being pooled to plan a fantastic event!

Can my school host an event too?

Absolutely! Send an email to our host organization, Food For Famine and they will start a dialogue with you and your teachers.