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Did you attend World Food Day at the Langley Events Centre on October 16, 2012?  If so, tell us how you were inspired (below) and  automatically be entered to win an iPad.

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* Only World Food Day 2012 attendees who submitted a prize entry form at the event are eligible to win.  ENTRY DEADLINE EXTENDED TO NOVEMBER 30, 2012.

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22 Responses to Tell Us How You Were Inspired

  1. Jacquie Ravenstein says:

    This is a fabulous event! Lots of energy. Beautiful stories. It really touched my heart. Really inspiring! Wow! I’m definitely coming next year!

    • Emily Candy says:

      World Food Day was so inspiring! I couldn’t believe how amazing and heartwarming it was! I am so glad I got involved. I will definatley go again! Thanks to everyone who organized and spoke at World Food Day!

  2. Gina H says:

    Such a great event! Wonderful speakers, and exhibits! So proud that this event is being held in Langley, BC #sharethebounty

  3. Natalie Friesen says:

    Don’t wait for the change. Be the change! Do your part to end world hunger.

  4. Bailey-Jayne says:

    I was so impacted when I saw all those kids that are less fortunate. I want to make a difference in the lives of all those kids. Anyway… would you like to be any of those little kids that were pictured on the screen, or any of the other kids that are just like those kids. I loved World Food Day 2012, and was greatly impacted by it.

  5. Takara C says:

    We are very blessed to have full stomachs. Children in Africa starving and we are throwing out food. We are also celebrating Halloween were we give out candy that will make us sick! Come on! We can all make a diffence by just raising awareness and not throwing out food. Maybe join a community help and just do a can drive or a coin drive. Raise a helping hand today.

  6. Tiana Beirnes says:

    Watching the people live in poverty in the malnurished countries just break my heart and I dislike seeing them living like that because it was not their choice to live in poverty! I have had/still have the dream and goal to fundraise enough to go to Africa and help people in need and I am going to accomplish that goal in the next year or two depends on my fundraising… lol

    Once I heard about World Food Day I knew it was the right action for me to do to participate, and hearing the special guest speakers talk from World Vision Canada, Breakfast Clubs of Canada, Hope International, and the partnership Food For Famine and many others! It was so inspiring to learn more in-depth about what they do to help out malnourished countries. When I saw all the students that were taking part in World Food Day it put a smile on my face because I knew the more people that were there, the more the message gets spread hopefully, and I know I definitely will and am keeping on spreading the message.

    Two Quotes that I heard the speakers say today that most definitely will stick with my heart and in my head is “If everyone makes a difference then the world will and could change”
    That would be amazing if that happened!!! So the more people to spread the message the better which World Food Day was a great way!
    The other quote was “Our/your generation is the one to make a difference”
    I truly believe in this one because we as younger kids are learning more and more about what is going on in the countries with poverty and what needs to be done. Seems like more teenagers also want to try and take action which would be awesome, so I truly hope that my generation cares as much as I do and is inspired as much as me!

    World Food Day has inspired me way more than I was, due to being involved with WFD it has got me thinking of joining and taking on more action with Food For Famine or an organization like that! Truly Maria Martini is truly an amazing lady to be the founder of FFF and organizing WFD, our community is truly blessed to have her and she and the whole WFD were so inspiring! Along with all the other founders of Hope International, World Vision, PuCKS program, and Breakfast clubs of Canada. Truly all inspirational people!
    I am Hoping that World Food Day got more teens out thinking on Be the Change and Share the Bounty!

  7. Katrina says:

    So incredibly inspiring! One single person can make such a big difference.

  8. Kim Mullin says:

    Great event. Lots of energy. Moving. Inspires me to do my small part to make a difference. Thanks for organizing this huge event. And thanks to the many sponsors for helping to make this event a reality.

  9. Tamiko Charlton says:

    It was an amazing day. The speakers were excellent; each brought their own special flavour to the day. I have seen no other venue where so many young people are exposed to the needs of those around them and abroad in such an engagine way. The energy was contageous. It is not hard to imagine that someone in that crowd will improve the lives of millions one day.

  10. World Food Day was awesome. While it was informative, it was also exciting. Hearing all those speakers talk about the malnutrition and their effort to help them was really inspiring. seeing what one person can do to help so many.

  11. Isaak Courtny says:

    Thank you for such a great experience. I realized that I need to do my part in making the world a better place. Mana’s RUTF’s were delicious. I can see how malnourished children would be helped by this product.

  12. Nik C says:

    BE THE CHANGE. Fight for world hunger and poverty.

  13. Rachelle Morrell says:

    We don’t realize how fortunate we are in this country for having so many opportunities to help make us succeed and become the best person we can be. Its so easy to take all these things we have open to us for granted, I know myself; education, having the ability to get a good job and be safe and live in a good home and atmosphere. The biggest worry is how I’ll do on my next big test. Hearing the struggles of people from other countries who don’t know where their next meal is or woman walking miles to ensure their child will get the proper nutrition, it makes me open my eyes to how thankful I am to be born and raised with such amazing opportunities in a wonderful country full of freedoms and it encouraged me that any amount of contribution no matter how big or small makes a big difference. If we all are willing to give just a little bit to help those who are not as fortunate as we are it will put smiles on not only your face but those who you are making a huge difference in their lives.

  14. Robert says:

    The best part was finding out about the mana and the success it has had. Whilst it is inspiring to hear about people working to solve problems, it is even more inspiring to hear about solutions that are working in the world today. It was also great learning about programs such as the breakfast program in Quesnel that are closer to home and show that a small community can make a big difference in people’s lives. Overall it was a diverse collection of speakers that had a real impact throughout the day.

  15. Robert says:

    So great to hear about the real world solutions like the mana; it is inspiring to hear about people working to solve the world’s problems but it is even more inspiring when one hears about solutions that are working in our world today to solve problems. It was also great to hear about things such as the breakfast program in Quesnel, something closer to home that proves that a small community can make a difference in people’s lives. Overall, the day was a collection of diverse, engaging speakers who made the day a success.

  16. Emi C says:

    I think it was really cool that they chose Langley to share this wonderful event with. It was nice to see how many people actually came together to make this event happen and they all worked so well. World Food Day 2012 was very successful. I learn that is we all reach out just a little, we really can make a different even if it’s small…but hey everything starts small. #sharethebounty!!

  17. Hayley Desjardins says:

    The speakers inspired me so much, they all had personal trials they went through and they had kept positive mindsets and have helped so many people around the world and locally. They made me really want to help and it showed how I can help in little ways, I dont have to travel internationally or create a huge organization, little things we do everyday can help people in need of food

  18. Nasrat Ismat says:

    I will Change the world .I got lots of info to save people

  19. Dain says:

    World Food Day was an utterly mind blowing experience as the pictures and speeches about the famine that goes on. Thank you!

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